Thursday, April 18, 2013

How are we doing?

Feedback is an important aspect of any organization’s ability to improve, and Oconee County Schools embraces this fact.  Parents, teachers, and students are asked each year to complete surveys that provide valuable data on how our schools are meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders.  The time to complete these surveys is upon us!  Please visit your school’s website or the OCS website to take the online survey and tell us what you think.

The information you provide allows instant feedback to our leaders.  The survey is easy to navigate and will take only a few minutes to complete.  Additionally, your responses are anonymous, and honest and direct opinions are appreciated.  If you have specific questions about the survey, please contact Scott Gordon via email at or by phone at 706-769-5130, extension 1306.  The survey window closes April 26.

Why does the system need survey information each year? 

Simply stated, each year OCS needs to understand if we are moving forward, standing still, or regressing in our attempts to provide a world-class education to the students of Oconee County.  These surveys provide trend data from year to year, and allow our leaders to review the impact of decisions made and programs implemented.  The analysis of that data can and does impact planning, professional development, and many other decisions related to your child’s educational experience. 

Who creates the survey, and is it valid?

Oconee County Schools is utilizing perception surveys provided by the AdvancED organization as a means to remain consistent with questioning each year.  The validity and reliability of these surveys have been tested and approved.  The more responses received, the greater the validity and reliability of the data.

Why is your participation important?

Surveys are a means to systematically engage all stakeholders in two-way communication. This communication provides a lens into the thinking and perceptions of our stakeholders.  Taking the survey will also assist your understanding of the AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools and provide a means for learning about what a parent, student, or staff member should be looking for in a high-quality school system. 

Who is surveyed?

Parents, students, and staff are surveyed each year.  Student surveys are specific to each level – elementary, middle, and high school. 

Oconee County Schools has much to celebrate, but our desire to grow and improve each day is what makes our organization strong.  It is my sincere request that you will aid that process of improvement by voicing your thoughts about the areas of strength and effectiveness in our school system as well as those areas of possible improvement. 

As always, I also welcome your comments directly as well.  Please feel free to contact me at to share your ideas regarding our survey or any other items related to the education of our young people. 


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