Thursday, December 12, 2013

The fruits of hard work

Last week, I had the opportunity to hear Bill Curry, the legendary football player and former coach, speak about leadership and continuous improvement.  He said in his remarks that, “Everyone’s sweat smells the same.”  As you ponder that poignant example and determine if you agree, please allow me to propose a premise that requires no debate.  The students, teachers, and leaders of Oconee County Schools worked hard and yes, sweat, during our first semester and obtained amazing results for their efforts.  While the semester comes to a close on December 19, the achievements of our students and schools are long-lasting and should continue to be highlighted and celebrated.     

Thus, as you prepare to head out to pick up one more stocking stuffer, or sit back to bake that last batch of Christmas cookies, please take a moment to review just a few of the amazing results of our young people, our teachers, our leaders, and our board of education.  If you would like to add to this impressive list please post your thoughts on our blog at

·         Congratulations to all of our students and teachers for posting the highest “exceeds” writing scores in the state on the Georgia High School Writing Test.

·         Congratulations to all of our students and teachers for posting the fifth-highest SAT scores in the state of Georgia.

·         Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Vaughn for being named the 2013 Assistant Principal of the Year for the state of Georgia. 

·         Congratulations to the Oconee County Board of Education for recently being named a 2013 Quality Board by the Georgia School Boards Association. 

·         Congratulations to CFES, OCES, and OCMS for being named Title I Highest Performing Reward Schools.

·         Congratulations to OCS for being recognized by Governor Nathan Deal as one of only six systems in the state with 100% of our high schools with “Go Build Georgia” teams.

·         Congratulations to Justin Daniel (NOHS) and Zachary Miner (OCHS) for being named to the State Superintendent’s Advisory Council.

·         Congratulations to Mrs. Donna Gast for being named Oconee County Schools Teacher of the Year.

·         Congratulations to our students and school communities for assisting others by donating 40,000 cans to the ACTS food drive.

·         Congratulations to our community for having over 750 participants in OCS’ strategic planning community engagement meeting and survey.

·         Congratulations to the OCHS softball team for placing 3rd in the state this year.

·         Congratulations to the NOHS competition cheerleading squad for placing 4th in the state this year.

·         Congratulations to all of our schools for their numerous achievements in and out of the classroom.  The list is endless and cannot be fully listed—what a great problem to have.

As I close out this column, singing the praises of our students and schools, I want to take a minute to thank each of you, our parents and community members, for the huge role you play in the achievements listed above.  I hope that you will take as much pride in reading them as I did writing them.  Merry Christmas!


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