Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Celebrating the season and our young people

Our students and teachers are on a much-deserved break this week.  The month of December and the Christmas season have traditionally marked a two-week break from daily attendance in our K-12 schools.  This respite allows families to travel, spend time with friends and relatives that they may not often see, and students to recharge their batteries for the push to June.

However, while some students get to sleep in, many will be actively involved in representing our schools over the holiday break.  A quick glance at our two high schools’ activity calendars reflects basketball tournaments, swim meets, and wrestling competitions both at home and away.  Having spent nearly two decades at the local-school level, I can assure you that there are numerous other activities taking place with student groups and teachers as well.  Our schools truly never sleep! 

These students and teachers are dedicated to something larger than themselves and I want to personally acknowledge their hard work and dedication during a time where many of us will be relaxing around a warm fire and, in my case, eating way too much.  So if you are looking for something to do over the break that is a great whole-family activity consider coming out to support a local high school team or club.  The way our kids represent Oconee County will leave you feeling good about the future of our country and the start of a new year.

As we prepare to enter 2015, I want to thank our community and local businesses for their continued support of our schools.  Whether it is the sponsorship of a team or the donation of time and expertise, the citizens of Oconee County can always be counted on to put our kids first.  While this fact is clearly the norm in our community, it is not a reality in many parts of our world and it certainly merits our continued gratitude and acknowledgement.

As we close this week’s article, I want to wish each of you a wonderful holiday season.  I hope that you will have time to reflect on the many blessings that 2014 has brought your way and celebrate the accomplishments both individually and collectively of our community, our families, and our kids.

I am excited about 2015 and the great things that it will bring for our schools and our children.

Happy New Year! Classes resume for students on January 6.  

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