Thursday, April 2, 2015

Taking time for what matters most

Spring Break is upon us!  Not Thanksgiving Break; not Christmas Break; Spring Break.  If you are like me, then you are wondering where the school year has gone.  It seems the years are getting faster as our pace of life races ahead to try and keep up.  We continue to ask more of our students and in turn they continue to deliver.  Yet, now it is time for a respite, time to relax, and perhaps for some even a time to feel the cool breeze of an ocean on their face and the hot sand beneath their feet.  Yes, it is time for a tradition that makes children smile, mothers plan, and fathers check the bank account.  It is time for Spring Break. 

If I sound as if I am longingly looking forward to a few days of relaxation, please forgive me.  You see, as fast paced as our daily grind has become, I think the importance of understanding how to slow down has taken on new significance.  When do we make time for a long walk, a cool swim, a good book, or most importantly a meaningful conversation with those we care for most?  For this educator, it is often during Spring Break.

Spring Break is a time where I trade in my suit and tie for my favorite t-shirt and baseball cap.  It is a time where I put up the alarm clock and put down the razor that greets my face each morning.  It is a time where I detach myself from the constant ping of emails, the buzz of cell phone calls, and the blinking cursor of a computer screen.  Spring Break is a time for family, and when we strip everything away is it not family that matters most?

So as we enter into the final days of the school year that will inevitably end with your kindergarteners becoming 1st graders, your 5th graders preparing to transition to middle school, your 8th graders eagerly waiting to walk the halls of high school, and your seniors counting the days until they are called graduates, ask yourself this question—Where has the time gone? 

I have no doubt that most of us will ponder that question at length, many of us will remember fondly the lasting memories created thus far, and sadly some of us will seek to recapture time that has already passed.  The reality is that each day we have an opportunity.  We have an ability to demonstrate what matters most through our actions and deeds, and we have the wonder chance to make lasting memories for our kids.  Thus during this break, whether you are traveling to a tropical destination or staying put in this beautiful place we call home, my hope for each of our students, parents, and teachers is that tranquility can be found, conversations and laughter can be heard, and memorable moments can be created.  I will hold myself to the same standard.

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