Thursday, February 11, 2016

Leading in Oconee County and beyond

Last week, hundreds of educational leaders from around the state made their way to Athens, Georgia, for the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL) 41st Annual Winter Conference.  This conference is an opportunity for superintendents, principals, assistant principals, curriculum directors, special education directors, and human resources personnel to come together and discuss educational trends, successes, and obstacles.  GAEL is an umbrella organization and has seven affiliates that create its total membership.  Districts large and small from around the state are represented by leaders in these organizations and many of the educational advancements and decisions for Georgia’s 1.7 million public school students can find their roots in conversations had in the meeting rooms and hallways of gatherings like these. 

As representatives of the number one district in the state of Georgia, leaders from Oconee County Schools are often a sought-after and significant voice in a variety of educational organizations.  It is the philosophy of our district to be a part of the conversation as it begins in an effort to help shape the ideas as they develop.  This practice allows Oconee County Schools to be proactive in crafting statewide decisions rather than reactive to decisions made by others more engaged.  As superintendent of our outstanding district I am extremely proud that OCS leaders not only lead in Oconee County, but in the state of Georgia and beyond.  This commitment adds additional time to their already busy schedule; yet, our leaders involved in these often high-profile positions share that the impact is worth the effort.

In recognition of the outstanding leadership being demonstrated by OCS personnel, I think it is extremely appropriate to acknowledge and detail their various positions.  Please join me in thanking these leaders for their extraordinary efforts and impact.

Tom Odom
Vice-President, Executive Board
Georgia School Boards Association
Jason Branch
Board of Directors
Georgia School Superintendents Association

National Governing Board
Association of School Superintendents
Claire Miller
President, Executive Board, Board
Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors

Board of Directors
Georgia Association of Educational Leaders

Vice-Chair, Board of Directors
SACS AdvancED Georgia Council
Brook Whitmire
Regional Director
Georgia Association of School Personnel Administrators
Ben Wiggins
Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals

Board of Directors
Georgia Association of Educational Leaders
Philip Brown
District-Level Director
Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals
Keith Carter
President - District 2
Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals
Jake Grant
Board of Directors
Georgia Association of School Facility Administrators
Shannon Hammond
Board of Directors
Professional Association of Georgia Educators

Executive Board
Georgia Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Suzanne Korngold
Georgia Council of Exceptional Children

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